Ki Masterclass Corky Quakenbush en Johan Lodder | Aikido Training 2016
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Ki Masterclass Corky Quakenbush en Johan Lodder

Aikido Seminar and Ki Masterclass with Corky Quakenbush May 19,20 and 21

It’s an honor for Aiki Training & Coaching to co host and participate in the aikido seminar and ki masterclasses with sensei Corky Quakenbush in Rotterdam from Friday 19 May until Sunday 21 May.

On Friday evening 20:00-22:00 Corky will host a workshop called: “Aikido The Technology of Peace and the Modern Human Brain”. Places on Friday masterclass and workshop are limited.

We are happy to invite you

“Sensei Corky Quakenbush has developed an innovative approach to Aikido based on his 30 years of Aikido practice and experience. sensei Corky refers to this approach as “Aiki-Lab.” Aiki-Lab practice explores how “beneficent intention”– ki flow that arises from the intention that all involved benefit from the interaction – manifests as aikido without set form. As part of his European tour, Sensei Corky will be visiting Rotterdam for Friday May 19 until Sunday May 21

Yes, I like to come to the Aikido seminar masterclasses lecture in Rotterdam and Klaaswaal

Do you like to explore the principles of ki with us? Please send us an e-mail or fill in the online form below. Do you want to invite other people, please feel free to send them a link to this page.

Informatie in Nederlands kun je hier bekijken

Your name (verplicht)

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Subject: Aikido Seminar Ki Masterclasses Corky Quakenbush Sensei, May-2017

I like to attend:

  • Friday morning 10u-12u
  • Friday afternoon 14u-16u
  • Friday evening 20u-22u

I would like to come to the aikido seminar on:

  • Saturday morning 10u-12u
  • Saturday afternoon 14u-16u
  • Sunday morning 10u-12u
  • Sunday afternoon 14u-16u

I will come with adult(s) and with kid(s)

Remarks or additional questions:

Corky Quakenbush Sensei

Corky Quakenbush Sensei leads the the Kakushi Toride Aikido dojo in West Angeles. He started his Aikido training in 1983 under Megan Reisel, a student of Misugi Saotome Shihan. Corky is heavily influenced by the teachings of Kanshu Sunadomari Shihan (author of Enlightment through Aikido). Other influences and inspirations include Wendy Palmer’s Leadership Embodiment and the work of Paul Linden.

Following his spell binding presentation last year at the University of London, The International Institute of Peace Studies (Scotland) and the Swiss Cottage Community Centre (London), sensei Corky Quakenbush is back in The Netherlands to teach his innovative approach to Aikido known as Aiki-Lab – the result of more than thirty years of practice and research.

While most forms of Aikido are taught through the repetitive emulation of stereotyped katas, Aiki-Lab does not rely on such pre-planned techniques; its focus is on the flow of energy arising from the intentions of those involved, in order to create a space for aiki to manifest.

In other words, the goal of Aiki-Lab is to develop a presence that allows for a “center-to-center” connection with an opponent leading to a spontaneous, harmonious response to an attack – known as an aiki resolution.

For more information about de AikiLab method and Corky sensei. Check out his dojo Kakushi Toride Aikido, you can can also find Corky on Facebook.

Video Aikilab Promo European Tour 2016

Prices Aikido Seminar and Ki Masterclass

You pay € 20,- per session two hours of training and € 35.- for a whole day. Do you come two days or more you get € 5,- a day discount. For the private masterclasses we have space for maximum 10 attendees. Cost to attain lecture on friday evening is € 20,-

Coffee, tea is included in the price. We have possibilities closeby the dojo to buy lunch or diner.

Location dojo Aikido Seminar and Ki Masterclass

The seminar on Saturday will be in Klaaswaal (close to Rotterdam) and the seminar on Sunday will be in Rotterdam.
Pleas send an e-mail for direction. You can also find information on the website of Ki Aikido Rotterdam

The masterclasses and workshop on Friday will be in the dojo of  Aiki Training & Coaching.

Arie den Toomweg 27; Rotterdam

Keep connected for future aikido seminars, workshops and ki masterclasses

Would you like to know about future seminars and aikido events in 2017 or 2018 ? Please send us a message

Johan Lodder

Johan Lodder is trainer en coach en geeft voor Aiki Ccoaching trainingen en workshops over de toepassing van natuurlijke principes uit de martial art aikido in het dagelijks leven en in het bedrijfsleven. Hij leert je de kracht van aandacht te ervaren door wonderbaarlijke feedbackoefeningen. Je komt terug bij je kern en gaat weer werken en leven vanuit jouw centrum. Johan beoefent sinds 1997 aikido en daarvoor ook andere martial arts. Het is zijn passie om mensen handvaten te geven voor een leven in overvloed.

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